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gala dinner // 16.10.


In the heart of Berlin beats the pulse of modern circus: welcome to the Chamäleon Theater! Here, people from all around the world, fulfill their promise of escaping and dissolving themselves into the full stage adventure. Because here, spectacular shows that intoxicate and enchant audiences are created. It is here, that you encounter an atmosphere, which playfully manages to build a bridge between the past, the present, and the future. And here, the doors open themselves to those that are looking for something new and exceptional. This is how we interpret varieté.

When entering the historic ballroom at the Hackesche Höfe, everyday life becomes a faint memory as the hours of orchestrated magic take the lead. Acrobatics, music, dance, comedy, and drama form a harmony in one of the most exquisite theaters of the city. Nonetheless, rough edges and bold performances are not to be missed. Internationally renowned artists with a high virtuosity and individuality, achieve a sensuous, nonverbal pleasure, which will make you speechless.

Continuously reinventing ourselves is the creative aspiration of our theater. After each season, the Chamäleon changes its colors in order to merge and blend with the new show that premieres on stage. Again completely different, again only here, again only now. Promised?! Promised!!!

rosenthaler straße 40/41 10178 berlin-mitte

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