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study trip

// Tuesday, 14.10.

14:00 19:00
Start and end: Hotel Steigenberger Kanzleramt; bus shuttle

14:00 p.m. – 14:30
Venue: Hotel Steigenberger Kanzleramt
Registration and Welcome

14:30 – 16:00
Object:        Gymnasium Schloßstraße
Venue:        Schloßstraße 55, 14059 Berlin-Charlottenburg
Speciality:   Gym, 3rd floor

Object:          Gymnasium Schlossstraße in Berlin-Charlottenburg (1988)
Architects:   Inken and Hinrich Baller / structural engineering Gerhard Pichler
Year:            1987/88
Other:           Named after Carl Schuhmann (Olympic horses jump champion at the first modern Olympic Games in 1869 in Athens)

Short Description
The Schlossstraße in Charlottenburg is related to the Charlottenburg Palace under the special protection of the Berlin urban development. A double-decker gymnastics and sports hall on the third floor initially met with considerable concern.

The design required considerable constructive efforts to ensure that the fine scales form a bridge to the adjacent residential building. The gym and the larger sports hall above are open to the street and thus integrate the internal processes in the outer.


16:30 – 18:00
Object:        École Voltaire
Venue:        Kurfürstenstr. 53, 10785 Berlin, 030 411 00 15/-14
Speciality:   Wooden pavilion for use as a canteen of a French school

Object:          Canteen of the French École Voltaire
Year:            2012-14
Architect:     Martin Schmitt Architecture

Short Description
The canteen of the French École Voltaire in Berlin’s Tiergarten district is a vibrant, exciting cubature. The building is nestled in a park-like context and creates a pleasant atmosphere for children and teachers.

The design idea is based on four parts of buildings that were likewise pushed together. So, on the narrow elongated building site a differentiated building was developed, reminiscent of an architectural landscape. Big and small, rectangular and ribbon-like windows everywhere grant a look into the green.


// Wednesday, 15.10.

7.45 – 8:00 
Venue: Hotel Steigenberger Kanzleramt
Registration and Welcome

8:45  – 10:45
Object:        Timber business
Venue:        Holz Possling, Haarlemer Str. 57, 12359 Berlin-Britz
Speciality:   Innovative timber business

Short Description
The family business Holz Possling is one of the leading wood businesses in Berlin and is now represented at three locations in the city. The company’s history dates back over 170 years. Already in 1841 the company founder delivered wood to Berlin’s construction industry. This was the time when just the New Museum was built and in newly founded Zoological Garden in Berlin the first houses for animals from all over the world were built.

10:30 – 13:30
Object:        German Federal Environmental Agency „House 2019“
Venue:        German Federal Environmental Agency, Schichauweg 58, 12307 Berlin-Marienfelde
Speciality:   Innovative and sustainable office building

Property:      German Federal Environment Agency “House 2019″
Year:            2011-2013
Architect:     ArchitectureofficeBraun-Kerbl-Löffler incollaboration with thelandscape designofficeLA.BARandthebuilding servicesofficeSchimmel
Cost:             About 4.8 millionEUR

Short Description
As a newoffice buildingfor the locationof the German Federal Environment Agency inBerlin-Marienfelde the first zeroenergyhouse of thefederal government was planned and builtwith the”2019 House” inthe years 2009 to2013.

Thebuilding has its name as it already today fulfillsthe requirements of theapplicableEuropeanBuildings Directivefrom 2019.

It was planned a zero energy building with 31 office workstations and three meeting rooms. For the structure and the facade the renewable raw material wood was used. The windows and doors are also made of wood.

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